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Next generation of blockchain platform
Erachain features
Legitimate issuance of new tokens and cryptocurrencies (ICO conduction)
Fast and convenient way to create new electronic tokens, assets, crypto-currencies, electronic bills, claim rights and crypto-units
Decentralized exchange

Exchange tokens, assets, crypto-currencies, electronic bills, claim rights and crypto-units
p2p, b2b, b2c, b2g electronic workflow
The fastest and easiest way to issue, sign and exchange legally significant electronic documents (contracts, agreements) and invoices
p2p, b2b, b2c, b2g business correspondence

Exchange legally significant messages on-line with notification of perusal
Maintenance and storage of employees' and participants' personal data
A convenient and simple way of creating and storing personal data of participants, partners, employees, etc.

Collective signing of documents

Issuance and publication of documents for collective signing and approval (memoranda, agreements, charters, appeals, petitions, etc.)

Preparation and conducting of voting, polls, marketing researches
Fast creation and conduction of public polls, surveys and researches. Possibility of holding closed voting among shareholders and participants of the company
Maintenance of diplomas, licenses, patents, awards, merits etc.
Creation and registration of documents of the strict reporting without duplication on paper
Maintanence and accountance of citizens' status
Creation, assignment and accountance of social and corporate status
Erachain gives you opportunity
To attract investments to launch a new project or expand an existing one
To reduce the cost on transactions and information storage
To reduce the cost of conducting legally relevant external and corporate document management
To protect information from tampering, blocking and seizure
To attract and retain new users and partners
To eliminate third party from business processes
Dmitrii Ermolaev
Founder and blockchain architect, CEO
Facebook | Github
Was born on 21 August, 1966 in Vladivostok.
Has many patents for inventions.
Discovered the physics law
"Heat charge and the generalized laws of physics",
Economics and philosophy law
"The basis of subject's existence - the meaning of life".
Over 20 years experience in programming.
Working with Bitcoin for over 6 years.

The application needs JAVA8 package to be installed
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