Easy way to integrate and transfer into a new Era

The first blockchain platform with built-in functions particularly useful for avoiding smart-contracts programming

What is Erachain?

The Erachain's environment is built to answer the modern-day requirements. The platform is based on verified users and investment parties to launch or participate in a business's ICO. You can issue and sign legally binding contracts, create surveys, polls and research where it will all be stored in the blockchain technology.

Erachain Protocol
Erachain is a fully developed platform which by default is decrypted with the option of encryption. Thanks to the clear verification system, you now have a safe and secure way to make transactions and create and exchange documents. The platform will be used by everyday users, businesses and even governments.
Erachain fuel
The system is based on two different sets of coins that do not affect the price of each other. One of which is called ERA and the other is COMPU. COMPU is used only as a transaction fee and is the only one that can be forged. As a result of the well optimized coding, transactions are cheaper and faster than ever.
Erachain Opportunities
Fund your company and raise an ICO on the Erachain platform in just 3 clicks
ERA Exchange
You can buy and sell tangible items, assets and exchange coins
Legally binding contracts
Send and receive contracts from your business associates though a verified system with encrypted and/or decrypted functions
Easily manage your enterprise
In just few clicks you can communicate with users within your organization. Send documents, create a survey and polls
Become a forger
Erachain's well optimized code allows you to become a forger without requiring special equipment. As soon as the platform is activated on your computer, it automatically generates blocks and supports the community
Save money
Due to the support of two different coins on the Erachain platform and our lean coding, it reduces the cost of transactions
Erachain Team
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with our team
Dmitrii Ermolaev
Cofounder & CEO
Pavel Paderin
Head of technical support
Sergei Kibalnikov

ERA Light Wallet

Release of ERA light wallet for iOS and Android
(Coming Soon)
Download Erachain Platform
Download Erachain platform to use the most advance blockchain which provides tangible businesses to issue exchange legal binding documents , contracts securely, crowdfunding and much more.
To use our product, you will need to install JAVA8
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